Susie, the Bear, Wakes From Her Nap

Susie, the Bear, Wakes From Her Nap

Susie, the Bear, Wakes From Her Nap

It was early afternoon when we arrived at the bears’ quarters, and at first, I couldn’t see the bears. But then I spotted them — all three of them — sleeping in the sunshine, each in his own bed, several feet away from each other. After a minute or two, one began to stir, and stretch, and yawn.¬†Perhaps she had heard us talking about her?

Actually, I am not even sure that this is the one they call Susie, but that’s okay — it works for me, even though the Everly Brothers were certainly not referring to a black bear.

“Wake up, Little Susie.” Do you remember that song? Stir up your nostalgic memories by clicking on this link:

Then find out more about Susie and the other animals at Ste. Anne de Bellevue’s Ecomuseum here:

This zoo is definitely worth a visit.


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