Day-Tripping Down Memory Lane with Penny

Day-Tripping Down Memory Lane with Penny

Day-Tripping Down Memory with Penny

Nostalgia! How warm and fuzzy it makes us feel!
And how good it felt to sing along with The Beatles last Tuesday evening. Those were the days, eh? Wow!
But, hey, wait a minute! That was 50 years ago. How could I possibly remember those songs and those days? I’m not that old!
That’s right — I’m that young. 🙂 And life is still wonderful.
Now tell me. What was your favourite Beatles song?
Perhaps you’d like to check out one of mine here:
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One thought on “Day-Tripping Down Memory Lane with Penny

  1. Just one??? Impossible …. 🙂 A Beatles song for every mood: A Day in the Life, Hey Jude, Yesterday, Eleanor Rigby, Norwegian Wood top the list. 🙂

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