Scaly Pholiota

Scaly Pholiota

Scaly Pholiota

This gray and drizzly September morning seemed like a perfect time for a walk in the woods to look for mushrooms. And, though there weren’t many, I did find a few. Among them were these clumps of what I have determined are scaly pholiota.
However, I’m discouraged to learn that the scaly pholiota and the sharp-scaly pholiota fall into two different camps. The first is poisonous while the second is edible.
Hmmm. Do mine have sharp scales?
Regardless, I will not be eating them. Do you forage for wild mushrooms?
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3 thoughts on “Scaly Pholiota

  1. Hi Audie,
    I am having difficulty reading your comments because of the background colour. Is it only me?

  2. I have foraged for mushrooms to no avail. You’d think our very own acreage forest would be the perfect spot. I have found the odd fungi on stumps etc. but no mushrooms.

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