Nature-al Reactions

Nature-al Reactions

Nature-al Reactions

I am not all that crazy about ants — usually I find them too busy and they bug me. And when I come across them in my yard and they all start rushing around in a panic, sometimes I just want to step on them. Not always, but sometimes.
When I have the opportunity to watch one like this, though, and imagine her conversations with her buddies, I don’t even think of eliminating her. In fact, when I see an ant alone I find her quite fascinating.  Why is that?
I don’t mind bees or wasps, either. In fact, even when there are several of them buzzing around on the job in my flowers, they don’t bother me at all. Strange.
But spiders! Man oh man! You can keep them all. Yes, they are fascinating, and I love to photograph them, and get up very close for the best shot, but they had better not move! They give me the willies!
Is it because they have eight legs, instead of six? I have no idea. We humans are strange. Or is it just this one?
What creatures make you shudder? Butterflies, moths, beetles, slugs, worms?
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One thought on “Nature-al Reactions

  1. KidazzleInk on said:

    We all do what we gotta do and our days are always so filled with getting stuff done. Even the ants and the spiders wish they could have a day off!!

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