From Big Worlds to Small

My Forest Welcomes Me

My Forest Welcomes Me

I feel free and alive and optimistic in this forest, just steps from my backyard. It’s natural and rocky, and wonderful for any and all moods. I’m always amazed at how few people take advantage of it. For me, it’s an almost daily retreat, and I never know what I will find.
A Much Smaller World

A Much Smaller World


Speaking of retreats, this rough-stalked feather moss has found one inside a birch tree’s abandoned coat. Isn’t this an adorable abode! It’s even decorated with its own curlicue scrollwork.
I think she definitely needs a home since soon she will release her sporophytes, and they will be looking for a home as well.
I honestly contemplated bringing the whole development home with me so I could watch the evolution in my own back yard. But I didn’t.
It’s an amazing world we live in; we just have to get down on our bellies sometimes to get the whole picture.



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