November Sky

November Sky

November Sky

Yes, the clocks have fallen back, so, although my time indicates five in the late afternoon, it is actually more like last week’s six o’clock in the early evening.
It looks like November. It feels like November. Indeed, it is November.
The dark clouds are a sign of what is to come — perhaps just around the corner — and the winds waste no time in spreading the news: we’re into a new season full of possibilities.
But don’t despair. As you can see, there is a hopeful light in the sky too. Before long, the days will start to get longer.
And then the clocks will once again spring forward. 
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2 thoughts on “November Sky

  1. Heather Drake on said:

    Gorgeous! I can feel the chill in the November air. Brrrrrrr! Hugs Heather

  2. Thanks, Heather. I’m sure your weather is much more pleasant in Mexico. 🙂

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