This nine month old relishes real food. Although he has no teeth, he is a master at gumming it, and approaches every meal with delight! Here, among other things, I believe he’s savouring the sauerkraut on his tray. Yummy!
His parents have teeth and usually use forks, but occasionally they come close to resembling their son as they enthusiastically dig in — especially when it’s pulled pork or turkey in front of them.
Personally, I can’t resist getting my fingers into duck legs confit. And sometimes I also end up wearing it.
What can you tell us about your weakness at the table?
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2 thoughts on “Gusto!

  1. prichie1 on said:

    My weakness at the table? I was always taught by ‘our’ parents not to lick our plate or get our fingers in the food……………however, since I know my older sister does it to savour every morsel of melted butter, I have unashamedly adopted this habit. Nothing like “good to the last drop!”

  2. Butter must never be wasted. 🙂

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