Feral Cats at Rest

Feral Cats at Rest

Feral Cats at Rest


We were going for a drive on a lovely summer afternoon in the country. At an unpretentious intersection, that one would never remember otherwise, we saw them. And stopped to admire. 

There they were — enjoying the sun and each other’s company. Their perch was a perfect split-rail fence, surrounded by tall weeds and wildflowers.  They stretched and licked and changed positions, and I have the very distinct impression that, all the while, they were posing for me.

This grungy photo treatment seemed purrrrfect for their attire.

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One thought on “Feral Cats at Rest

  1. I love these spontaneous photos. Often when we are out for a drive I spot something that I would love to capture…however many times we are on our way somewhere and there is a specific time element which negates the opportunity to stop;-(

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